The simpler, the better

Notre solution

A simple hardware

Adaptable to any glass frame
Removable 340mAh battery
Bluetooth connectivity
Adjustable screen position
HD resolution
High brightness for outdoor uses

A custom application

Discovery of the business and optimization of work methods                 Evaluation of the company's needs
Targeting useful and necessary information GPS guidance for micro-mobility

Our solution

To be widely used in a company, Get Your Way only keeps the essential and focuses on the real needs of the users. Long operation time is ensured thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity allowing the use of the smartphone computing power. The removable battery allows extending this operation time. The device is compatible with any glass frame and the screen position is chosen by the user itself. There is no camera for privacy concerns and because it simplifies the concept and decreases the device energy consumption. The proprietary hardware is fully used thanks to a mobile application dedicated to your business needs. Personal data management is handled with transparency and the final user is placed in the middle of our development and our deployment.

Technical specifications

Get Your Way - Bluetooth prototype

Optical module

  • Resolution : 854 x 480

  • FOV : 20 degrees

  • Active area : 7.13 mm x 4.03 mm

  • Encoding : 16-bits color

  • Luminous intensity : 1300 nits


  • Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)


  • 340 mAh capacity

  • Removable

  • Power path

  • USB-C charging


  • CPU : cortex-A9 core, Max. 528MHz

  • SRAM : 4 MB

  • External flash memory : 64 MB

  • Accelerometer

  • Gyroscope


  • Feedback audio : buzzer


  • 3 buttons

How it works

Optical module

The images are generated by an LCD screen and are then reflected by a mirror towards the user's eye. The images are seen through the optical prism. No support is necessary, the mirror is opaque allowing an outdoor use.

Information transfert

The smart glasses are connected to an external device via Bluetooth. This device sends information in the form of images and is displayed in front of the user's eye.